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Why do usability testing?

ssu_eye-6160JPGUsability testing will provide you with an independent analysis of how your website or software application is used by real-life users. You will get an in depth view of how customers behave with and around your product. This will help lead to improvements that can maximise the efficiency of the system.

How it works

We will spend time with you and your interface and based on user profiles, task analysis and system objectives, we will create relevant scenarios to be completed by suitable participants. Thanks to the set-up of our facility, we are flexible in the way we can conduct these tests. Individual or group sessions can be run in various ways to best suit your project.

What will you get?

1st photo - gaze plot 1 user JPGDuring live tests, you will get the opportunity to observe participants attempting to complete task scenarios. You will be able to monitor mistakes made and take into account user comments made before, during and after the test.
After the session, you will be provided with a detailed report which will hold all usability problems identified along with prioritised recommendations. The report will be supported by screen images and video clips that highlight these usability issues.

Our facility and other services

We use TechSmith’s Morae usability software and our facility allows up to 4 simultaneous tests to be recorded. This will record on-screen activity and calculate events such as mouse clicks and keystrokes. Stakeholders are able to monitor these sessions live from the observation room.

Alternatively, we have a Tobii eye tracker for individual on-screen eye tracking studies. This type of testing enables us to uniquely monitor exactly where participants look on a screen when given tasks to complete.
The suite is divided into an observation room and participant room, separated by a two-way mirror. An intercom system allows control of the test and communication with participants if and when needed. This configuration allows the rooms to also be used for focus groups.

We can accommodate distant user research companies that may wish to use the facilities for their own studies. Our technicians will set up the laboratory at your request and also be available to supervise according to requirements on the day of testing.

For more details, please contact Emily Steel:

Tel: 023 8031 9556

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