Towing tank with wave generator and technical support

The towing tank is suitable for evaluating hydrodynamic lift and drag components for small craft, sailing and motor.


  •  60m in length, 3.7m wide and 1.8m deep
  •  Carriage top speed of 4.0m/s
  •  Computer-controlled wave generator
  •  Test scale models up to 2m in length and 50kg in weight
  •  Test wave and tidal renewable energy devices
  •  Can be used for instrument calibration.

Survey vessel with technical support

Solent Surveyor is available for a range of activities, such as marine surveying, environmental science work and navigation training.

Survey vessel overview

  • L.O.A: 9.95m
  • Beam: 4.5m
  • Max speed: 18 knots
  • Cruising speed: 14-16 knots
  • Draught: 1m
  • Disp: 8.5 tonnes
  • Max capacity: 14 passengers + two crew
  • Generator: 4.5KvA 240volt
  • Range: 160 miles (approx.) - up to 20 miles from safe haven.

Hydrographic survey

  •  Seatronics Bathy-500MF multi-frequency survey echo sounder
  •  Ohmex TidaLite tide gauge
  •  HYPACK Hydrographic Survey Software
  •  CMAX 2 digital sidescan sonar
  •  Trimble MS750 RTK GPS system
  •  Simrad HS-50 Differential GPS.

Oceanographic survey

  •  Valeport CTD
  •  YSI environmental multi-meter
  •  Alec current meter Valeport CTD/current/turbidity autonomous logging package
  •  ‘A’ frame 250kg max.
  •  Van Veen grab
  •  Day grab and plankton nets.

Navigation training

  • Two full-size chart tables, seating for eight
  • Four networked E-series Raymarine monitors running 'Navionics Platinum' chart software, with integrated radar and dual frequency depth sounder
  •  Independent Tridata speed/depth/wind instrumentation
  •  Simrad directional GPS with Pelorus
  •  Night navigation capability
  •  Other: heads, galley with kettle and microwave.

For more details on these facilities, contact Emma Garrity.