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Time and Place: André Lichtenberg, Brian and Gareth McClave
13 February – 21 March 2015

Brain 2
Brian and Gareth McClave: The Final Hour of Daylight of 2014, Digital Slow Scan Photograph, 2014.

 Showcase Gallery is delighted to be showing two innovative bodies of work that use photography and computer technology to reveal new truths, ‘to extend our normal powers of perception’, as Brian McClave puts it.

These incredibly beautiful images – the artists making large photo works – are the result of painstaking and detailed work and the application of two sets of ideas that come together under the title Time and Place.

Brian McClave is best known as a pioneer of experimental 3D film making and showed his ground breaking 3D film of the Aurora Borealis at the Millais Gallery in 2007. For this exhibition he has collaborated with his brother Gareth to develop a new photographic process that captures reality in a slow scanning motion across a scene.

To do this the brothers developed new software that can take a visual slice through thousands of images of a scene to generate an image that reveals the passing of time as the viewer pans across the final photograph from left to right. This is a new twist on the traditional photographic long exposure, whereby the moments of time do not all merge together on top of each other but rather line up in sequence.

This offers up the narrative of the scene in the same way we can gain meaning from a line of words in a sentence as we read from left to right across the page.

Brian McClave’s major concern has been how human consciousness can be expanded by inventions that allow us to see both thousands of light years away, backwards in time, or observe some of the smallest things in existence and inside our own bodies.

Brian and Gareth have collaborated on many innovative projects over the years, including developments in stereoscopic time-lapse and long term time-lapse filming systems.  

Together they run the UK's largest industrial time-lapse filming company called Site-Eye.  They are interested in developing or modifying technology to perform new and engaging visual functions within both an industrial and fine art context.

 “Most of my own personal work has been about revealing things- using technology to extend what you could normally see. Things like 3D and time-lapse reveal these patterns and information about life that you don’t see with the senses you are born with…”

Andre 3

Andre Lichtenberg, London, Victoria 1, 2103, C-Type print on aluminium.

André Lichtenberg is an award winning artist, who was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and has spent most of his career in the UK. He has collaborated with publications such as the Sunday Times Magazine in London and Le Monde in Paris.

His images are represented in several international art collections and have been exhibited in places such as: Barbican Centre & Photographers Gallery, London, as well as, the Museum da Republica, Rio de Janeiro and Centro Cultural de Sao Paulo. 

His projects investigate childhood patterns and memories in connection with studies of the environment and architecture.

“As a young boy in Brazil I used to draw buildings, motorways & cityscapes viewed from above and using a realistic sense of perspective……The images have a second strong link to my childhood memories. The large aerial cityscapes are reversed in post-production, simulating an urban digital blackout. Growing up in Porto Alegre, South Brazil, in the sixties, the re-occurrence of electricity power failures was just normal part of life.”

His images are carefully constructed using techniques that that he learned from his scientific training in Civil Engineering and from photography. In his series Within II, he reconstructs multiple images of big cities – London, Sao Paulo, Paris, New York – re-invigorating them.

Seemingly in sumptuous black and white, each detail though may have discreet areas of colour. The large scale reversed prints depict cityscapes with a hyper real level of detail, cities that are by their very nature are in a permanent state of reinvention. They make us see the place anew and to appreciate new details and ways of looking. Within II is supported by Arts Council England.

Further research:
André Lichtenberg: http://www.photoandre.com

Brian and Gareth McClave: http://www.red-ochre.net/

For further information about the exhibition contact Les Buckingham and Kate Maple: showcase@solent.ac.uk

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