Student residences


We have more than 2,300 single study-bedrooms spread across our six halls of residence, providing a mix of
en-suite and non en-suite university accommodation.

The student residences are located in close proximity to each other, which gives the area a real student community feel. Many of the residences are in a flat layout with their own front door or access-only entry. All the residences are self-catered and have fully equipped kitchens.

Located within walking distance of the campus and the city centre there is no real need to bring a car, although there is parking available at each residence.

Deanery|  Chantry| Kimber & DM Annexe| 
Hamwic| Lucia Foster Welch| 

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The student residences were all purpose-built in the mid to late 90s, and offer a high standard of accommodation. Kimber,| Hamwic,| Chantry,| Deanery| and Lucia Foster Welch| residences provide accommodation for new undergraduate students, which is modern, attractive and very conveniently located. 

The student residences are offered on a self-catering basis, with communal kitchens. More than 1,000 study-bedrooms are furnished with en-suite toilet, shower and washbasin and all the above study-bedrooms are equipped with a washbasin. 

 |One further residence, Emily Davies|, is normally set aside for second and third year undergraduates and postgraduate students. However, there is also very limited availability for first year applicants.

All study bedrooms have data access points which are linked directly to the student intranet site at the University.  

Opportunity is also provided for students to stay in the student residences over the summer holiday period|

Security and fire safety

The halls of residence are fitted with multi-faceted access control and door-lock mechanisms. These systems are designed to ensure that only residents gain access and include restricted access locks, number pad controls and access card restrictions, individual locks to study bedrooms and restricted access to flats of kitchens.

With regard to fire safety, all residences are fitted with sophisticated detection systems and each flat/corridor/kitchen is furnished with fire extinguishers and/or fire blankets. 

The University provides a cleaning service (Monday-Friday) in the communal areas of all the residences. This includes kitchens, communal toilets and showers, corridors, landing etc. Residents are expected to maintain the cleanliness within their own study-bedrooms, including en-suite facilities. 

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