Parents - Why go into Higher Education

The most common questions we are asked are: "What is Higher Education?" and "Why should I encourage my child to go into Higher Education?"

Higher education refers to studying for qualifications such as bachelor's degrees, higher national diplomas or foundation degrees, usually undertaken by students aged 18 and students can enter via many routes, such as A levels or through on-the-job training such as apprenticeships. Higher education can enable your son/daughter to take their education to the next level and fulfil their potential.

Studying at Higher level is challenging to all students. Employers look for key skills that studying at degree level teaches students for instance: communication, teamwork, problem solving and using information technology. These skills can be transferred into employment so students should be encouraged to take a degree they are interested in. If they wish to specialise in a certain subject eg law or engineering they will need to undertake a degree in that area.

Career prospects

Possessing a university qualification is an advantage both in terms of career prospects and progression. Employers know that a university qualification confers a higher standard of learning, as well as a broad range of transferable skills and competencies. By gaining such valuable skills, your son/daughter will have access to a broad range of interesting and fulfilling careers.

Earning potential

Undertaking a university course is an investment in the future. Graduates earn a greater starting salary than non-graduates and can expect their salary to rise at a faster rate. Ten years later, on average, university-qualified men earn 30% more and women 46% more than non-graduates.

Personal development

Student life is not all about studying, it's also about meeting new people, forming new friendships and making the most of the opportunities that university can provide. Whether your son/daughter wants to move away from home or stay local, university will increase their life experiences through learning new skills and developing new interests, helping them become a more confident and well-rounded adult.

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