What qualifications do I need?

General entry requirements

Universities accept a whole range of different types of qualifications. These are shown in university prospectuses or can be found on the UCAS website|. If you would like a copy of Southampton Solent University prospectus complete our online request form.

Look at a number of different universities, and don't be put off if one university requires very high marks; another university may require less. Remember it's not just your grades that universities consider, requirements can be affected by what is written on your application form. Showing that you have other interests is always beneficial. But of course, the higher your marks the greater choice you should have when applying for a place.

Adult learners

Universities are keen to offer study opportunities to mature students, so you may be able to secure a place without the standard entry requirements. This is because universities realise that work and life experience counts for a lot. To find out more about alternative entry qualifications contact the admissions department directly at the university you are interested in applying to.

Southampton Solent University encourages applications from mature students to all its courses. Applicants over 21 need not hold formal examination qualifications, provided that they can show appropriate experience, motivation and potential to benefit from their chosen course. Each application is considered on its merits, and experience or training since school will be taken into account. To gain a personal insight into students who entered into university in this way read about Helen| and Michelle|.

Access courses

Alternatively, you may wish to consider an Access course|. These courses are designed specifically for mature students (those aged 19+) who don't have the necessary qualifications to enter university. These courses not only provide you with an entry route into university, they are also a great way of getting back into study and will teach you how to learn at the appropriate university level.

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