Full-time undergraduate funding

Full-time undergraduate student funding (in England) is made up of:

Further help from the University:

For an overview of the options available to you, please see the following presentation on funding for 2016-17:

Financing your future: full-time student funding

Student Finance explained:

Student Finance England will also give you an overview of the application process: 

Further information

The following information is for UK home students only.

There is separate information for students from an EU country or students from a non-EU overseas country.

If you have any queries regarding your funding, telephone Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607; visit the Government's website or come and see us in the Student Hub (RM050).

Below is a list of other possible sources of funding:

You may also wish to download some of our information leaflets.

Most of these sources have specific criteria that must be satisfied (for example residency in the UK, age, dependants, income assessment, and so on) therefore please read them all carefully.