Budgeting advice

Whilst at university it is advisable to try and manage your money and get in the habit of doing this early on.

It's a good idea to set yourself a budget. Try our simple budget planner| to get an idea of your income and expenditure whilst you're at university. 

Your income as a student

This is generally made up of:

  • Maintenance loan
  • Maintenance grant
  • University bursary
  • Extra grants (if have dependants)
  • Benefits (if have dependants)
  • Part time work
  • Student overdraft
  • Help from family/friends

General expenditure whilst at university

  • Rent
  • Bills / utilities
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Course equipment / trips
  • socialising

All will depend on individual circumstances.

When you have an idea of costs, you can begin to work out your own personal budget to ensure you can pay for the essentials without worrying.

You should:

  • be realistic about your spending patterns and avoid underestimating 
  • include occasional payments such as haircuts
  • write things down in a 'spending diary' each week
  • spend more time balancing your budget
  • remember your overdraft is a limit and not a target

If you need help with your budgeting, please come and see either our money adviser| or student funding advice team|. We also have a range of leaflets| providing information from debt collectors to using credit.

Discounts and ways to save money

As a student you will be able to obtain discounts on many different things. For details of discounts available for students visit:

Suggest a link

If you know of a good website relating to finance and money matters (students or otherwise), email us at student.funding@solent.ac.uk| and we'll try to add it to our list.

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