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Each year, Southampton Solent University holds a briefing event for all newly appointed external examiners.

The aim of the briefing day is to welcome new external examiners to the University, to provide a useful induction and an opportunity to see the University and meet with staff.

External delegates will be:

  • Introduced to the University and its recent developments
  • Briefed on their external examining responsibilities
  • Sharing with delegates the key messages emerging from the annual reports of external examiners for the previous academic year
  • Providing participants with opportunities for questions on their role as external examiners for the University
  • Introducing university and schools-level administrative and academic staff.

In addition to this briefing event, external examiners will be provided with relevant unit/award information by the appropriate school, following confirmation of their appointment.

The appointment process

To align with the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education: Chapter B7, all external examiners appointed by Southampton Solent University must meet the criteria set out in Indicator 5: 

"Institutions apply the following UK-wide set of criteria for appointing external examiners and make every effort to ensure that their external examiners are competent to undertake the responsibilities defined by the institution. Institutions use the criteria to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are identified and resolved prior to appointing external examiners or as soon as they arise."

(QAA - UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Chapter B7, Indicator 5, Page 12)

Detailed external examiner person specification

You will be contacted by the External Examiner Officer to establish your interest in the post.

  1. If you are interested in the post, your contact details will be passed to the External Examiner Officer who will process the paperwork for your nomination.
  2. You will be asked to complete a nomination form and to forward your CV to the University.
  3. Your nomination will first be put forward for school approval, based on the University's criteria for appointment (outlined in the University's Academic Handbook, Section 2I ).
  4. If your nomination is approved by the Director of School, your nomination will be recommended to the Dean of Academic Services for approval.
  5. If your nomination is approved, your appointment will be reported to Academic Board.
  6. Once your appointment is confirmed the External Examiner Officer will issue a letter of appointment and an external examiner's agreement for you to sign.
  7. You will be required to provide evidence of your right to work in the UK, in line with employment legislation. The University is unable to make any payment until this evidence has been received. 
  8. You will be directed to relevant pages of the Portal, where you can access the University's policies and regulations  (hard copies available on request).
  9. You will be invited to the external examiners’ briefing day to complete the induction process.
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