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Kev Mundays work

Kev Munday

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Graduated 2009

Kev Munday

This course is for you if you are self-motivated and interested in a career in design.

My course taught me to experiment in a wide variety of styles, think wide and learn digital and handmade skills. After graduating I worked part-time while building up my studio practice and self-promoting my illustration and artwork.

I’ve now been working as a full-time artist for just over seven years, primarily focusing on hand drawn artwork on canvas and murals. I’ve produced work for brands including Graham & Brown Wallpaper (wallpaper designs), Ten Skateboards (skate decks), Monster Energy (hand painted murals) and The Hemp Trading Company (clothing designs).

I produce around 200 original works of art a year, which I sell through representing galleries in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and online. Some of these artworks then go on to be licenced for products or print designs.

Graphic design/art gives me the opportunity to creatively express myself for a living. For those who want to do the same, work as hard outside of the course as you do on it, and set yourself creative briefs when you haven’t got projects coming in.

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Megan's work titled 'Land of milk and honey'

Megan Georgia Smith

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Graduated 2020

Megan Georgia Smith

What did you enjoy most about your studies at Solent?
I enjoyed having the full support of the Fine Art lecturers on the course – they all really do get excited about your practice and encourage you to find your individual artistic voice and language. Like students, the lecturers have their own unique and varied art practices (and therefore standpoints) so there is always someone to offer you a different perspective on your artwork which is needed.

Tell us a bit about the characters that feature in your artwork:
I always over-emphasise the forms, behaviours, and fashions of my figures, often playing upon stereotypes of British working-class folk and young people. I do this because these are who I feel I most identify with as a working-class 21-year-old. However, these social groups have a history of being demonised by society as evident in the ‘chav’ stereotype - a person who is ‘council housed and violent’. Another harmful stereotype of young people is of the hooded criminal, skulking on street corners with little ambition. By amplifying these stereotypes, I attempt to illustrate a dark sense of humour; mocking and playing to the idea that every working-class/young person can be identified this way (when of course - they cannot).


What advice would you give to future students?
Get involved in everything the course has to offer. The three years go by so quickly and you have got to absorb as much as you can whilst you still have the privilege of being a student. Also, take time to connect with Southampton’s art scene, go to events, visit the local galleries and network with other local artists. Opportunities that you can get involved with to further your career as an artist will arise from this, I promise you!

Megan’s work contains adult content which is not suitable for all audiences. To view more of her work visit

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Jason Livingstone's work

Jason Livingstone

BA (Hons) Interior Design Decoration

Graduated 2017

Jason Livingstone

This degree is for you if you want a highly creative, engaging and enjoyable course that enables you to reach your full potential while preparing you to work within the industry.

I'm one of the lucky few who can say they got a position even before graduation! I work at Ted Baker, and so far I’ve jumped straight in at the deep end designing concessions and pop-up events for the company. Concession design is anything ‘Ted’ you see inside a department store like Selfridges or John Lewis.

I’ve been working on projects in the UK, Spain, France, Ukraine and Germany designing a range of store designs. As part of the job role, each designer is the project manager for their project – from concept to installation to the final details of props/styling onsite.


As a Ted designer, I have to be able to manage a number of projects at once, while communicating with suppliers, builders and department stores. I’m lucky to have had such an incredible start to my career.

Solent helped by providing first class teaching, access to state of the art equipment and technology, and real world experiences throughout the degree. My best memory was the moment I handed in my final major project along with my other classmates. The accumulation of three years’ worth of projects, essays and presentations, alongside laughter, tears and friendship. It was a huge achievement for me, as someone who struggled with education throughout my life.

My advice on getting into the industry? Pick the right degree for you, a course that fits your needs, personality and interests. Without a fundamental understanding of the industry and a solid degree course I think it would be difficult to gain access to the industry and sustain a long career. Passion is something you can’t fake – you have to absolutely love it. For anyone truly interested in the field, it will come naturally.

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Evie Mundy's work

Evie Mundy

BA (Hons) Photography

Graduated 2017

Evie Mundy

This degree is for you if you want to be inspired and discover yourself.

What is photography?

For me, photography is a way of questioning our lives, society, the way we see things; taking everyday life and making it extraordinary.

What were your top three favourite projects during your time at Solent?

Burnt Away was a project from first year. The face was burnt away to force the viewer to see the image in a different way and brings the materiality of photography into question.

Family Frames was made in second year, it was about the family archive and how photography and memory relate to each other. The images are my Dad's old film that I then sliced and reformed to make these constructs.

Vision was from my third year, it was about photography's relation to sight and the eye as a camera. The images were shot on film and created in the colour darkroom using different techniques and stages. The shape is meant to reference digital retinal photography.

What’s your favourite Solent memory?

The amazing Berlin trip; in particular going to the Bauhaus and just having a laugh with all the lovely tutors.

How has Solent helped you prepare for a career?

Solent has helped by filling my CV with great experiences that have given me confidence and improved my work-based skills. These include: volunteering for the Caravan Gallery's touring exhibition, The Pride of Place Project and working as a studio/darkroom supervisor at the University for two years.

What are your top tips for someone wanting a career in photography?

Immerse yourself in it: read books, find articles, keep up to date with the art industry, and of course, never stop making work!

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Adam Allori's work

Adam Allori

BA (Hons) Illustration

Graduated 2017

Adam Allori

This course is for you if you love image making and really want to develop and explore methods of making those images. If you’re dedicated to making images that communicate then you'll find all the resources you need to say whatever you want in the studio.

How did Solent prepare you for your career?

The course prepared me by giving me a very diverse portfolio that meant I was able to confidently apply for positions I hadn't considered before starting university. I was pushed to try things such as bookmaking and website design, as well as taking on responsibilities such as organising gallery shows and fundraising. This meant that when I left the course, I wasn't pigeonholed as someone who just made images with type. 

I learnt to be a designer, self-promoter, organiser, freelancer and someone who can direct their own work, as well as an illustrator.

What’s your favourite Solent memory?

Say yes to whatever you can handle; you never know who may see your work or who you might get into conversation with unless you get out there whenever you can. And when there's nothing to say yes to, make the work you wish someone else would tell you to make, and put it out there all the same.

What is next for you?

I'm just about to start work as a junior designer for King's Road Publishing, a part of Bonnier Publishing. I will mainly be assisting the senior designer in tasks such as cover layouts, page design and reformatting issues for re-prints. I am also working part-time, trying to get a foot into editorial illustration, focusing mostly on film and music.

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