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Ellis Sweetenham

LLB (Hons) Law

Graduated 2016

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Not only did my time at Solent teach me the finer details of the law which enabled me to navigate the path I wanted to take, it also creates a good foundation of core skills, such as time keeping, maintaining deadlines, professional communication skills which are essential skills needed to be a solicitor.

I began my LLB Law degree at Solent in 2013. During this time, due to support of my tutor Mark Wing, I secured a placement at a local intellectual property specialist firm of solicitors, lawdit solicitors. This really sparked my interest for intellectual property as an area of law. I continued to volunteer at Lawdit on a weekly basis throughout the second and third year of my degree.

After graduating in July 2016, in September 2016, I began studying the LPC LLM at the University of Law in Guildford. I maintained my weekly attendance to Lawdit whilst studying for the LPC LLM. I completed the LPC LLM in June 2017. Following this, I began my training contract with Lawdit Solicitors in July 2017.

I am a trainee solicitor at Lawdit Solicitors who are a commercial firm based in Southampton who specialise in intellectual property and social media law. I am currently [2017] in the trade marks department and work closely with Lawdit’s sister company The Trademarkroom. 

A typical working day involves sending emails to clients explaining the process of registering a trade mark in the UK and beyond. I also talk to clients over the telephone offering an insight into trade marks as an intellectual property right and giving an explanation of the registration process.

Building on from this, I complete pre-filing searches for clients and file trade marks in the UK and EU. I also assist the Contentious trade mark team in preparing for opposition proceedings and infringement claims. 

If you want a career in law, my advise to you is to be prepared to work hard, as that hard work will pay off even if at the moment you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy your time at university, you will make friends for life, and take every opportunity with both hands as you never know what is around the corner! 

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Sebastian Graves-Read

LLB (Hons) Law

Graduated 2019

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Solent jumped out at me because I knew it was a place where lecturers go the extra mile. They are there to teach and enjoy time with students, unlike other institutions which can be more research-oriented. 

We had whole modules on employability, law in business and understanding the context that the legal system exists in. This approach meant that I was always able to contextualise a job in its wider industry (even if it wasn’t legally focused) – which really helped when I was applying for the civil service  as I was able to take the what I knew of wider government projects and agendas and weave that into my interview answers.  

When I showed interest in the subject, and put the effort in, the lecturers saw that and put a lot of time into making sure they were there to support me. This was especially the case when I presented my final year thesis at the British conference for undergraduate research! My lecturers – particularly my supervisor – went out of their way to give me the support I needed to excel. 

When we were introduced to mooting, or legal arguments in front of a judge, I remember thinking that this is cool. Especially in criminal law, where there are surprisingly plentiful ‘grey areas’, I found it fascinating to think this gladiator style system between two barristers could still be how we deal with issues in the 21st century.

After doing a master’s degree I joined the civil service, and currently work as a programme delivery support officer in the Home Office. I have learned so much already, though I don’t think I could have settled into my role so quickly without the experiences I got from Solent. Mooting taught me how to think on my feet, while social enterprises taught me how to run complex projects efficiently. 

I was part of, and ran, several societies at Solent. I was the president of Enactus, a social entrepreneurial society who became one of the top 10 teams in the country! I was also president of the mooting society, taking part in the national OUP competition.  

I was part of other societies as well; the variety of options really helped me meet a range of people and get a range of experiences, all of which were super useful when I applied for jobs in third year and after.

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Jojar Singh

LLB (Hons) Law with Business

Graduated 2003

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Have a clear vision of where you are, where you want to be and how you're going to get there.

2003 LLB (Hons) Law and Business graduate Jojar Singh came to Solent looking for opportunity – and he’s now a partner and solicitor at Quality Solicitors Knight Polson. “It’s down to the way the university moulded me into what I am today,” he says.

Watch our interview with Jojar, and find out how Solent helped him achieve his vision.

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