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For the past ten years, Professor Roger Brown has been studying and writing about the marketisation of higher education (both internationally and in Britain), economic inequality and, most recently, neoliberalism. 

There has recently been significant levels of public and media criticism of universities. Levels of tuition fees and student debt, Vice-Chancellors’ salaries and expenses, grade inflation, and alleged failures to protect free speech have occupied media attention.

In this lecture Roger will explore how these public concerns are the result of the neoliberal policies that, by making higher education into a market, are privatising and commercialising higher education, with great damage both to the institutions and the society they serve. Roger will also be suggesting what could be done to avoid this.

This lecture will bring together Roger's work on these topics, and his work on higher education policy more generally, since he stepped down from his role as Solent's Vice-Chancellor over 10 years ago. 

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