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Take a lunch break and join us for a short snappy 40-minute online webinar that could answer some of the resource challenges you face in your workplace. 

Find out how live briefs will enable you to get a fresh perspective on a project or challenge which you otherwise would not have the resource to deliver. Deliver a brief to groups of our innovative, creative students, and pick the best ideas from the talent pool.   

Understand how placements can provide extra resource to complete projects and short-term objectives. Solent has a flexible approach to placements, and they can range from one day a week, to a block in summer, or year long - and they can help identify potential employees for future employment. 

Solent Futures, our dedicated careers advice and employability service, will share with you how and why you should get involved with Solent and our students. But don’t just take our word for it, you’ll hear from a company on how working with students has enabled them to grow their business through providing extra resources at little or no cost. 

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