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Borrow a human book

The Human Library is just like an ordinary library, except the books are all people. You can choose a human book you would like to know more about. Then you can sit and talk for 15-20 minutes and ask the questions you might not otherwise have had the opportunity to ask.

The Human Library aims to improve understanding of people in minority, disadvantaged or stigmatised communities, to foster greater understanding of some of the social issues we face in society, and to challenge stereotypes.

Solent's human books come from University staff and students, as well as local organisations the University works with, such as Solent Mind. Our human books include: 

  • Addiction
  • Aspergers
  • Immigrant
  • Jew
  • Muslim
  • Transgender
  • HIV
  • Homeless
  • Menopausal

It's free to attend, so why not join us and learn a bit more about some of the amazing people you share the world with.

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