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Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life”. And weather, climate, society and their mutual interaction are not an exception to this famous quote.

The global climate is known to go through natural cycles. But are we switching the course of inevitable change on to a faster track? Are the increased frequencies and intensities of the natural disasters a wake-up call for us? Are we altering the pages of the history for future generations? And how far away is that future?

Join Dr Komali Kantamaneni, research fellow at Solent University, as she addresses some of these questions.

Some schools of thought question the significance of the impact of human activities on natural cycles with the size and scope of the climate. Others believe the role humanity chooses to play is critical to preserving the environment. Komali will rethink the complex human-environment relationship in the light of her research assessing the physical and economic vulnerability of coastal areas to the complex natural hazards associated with climate change.


5pm Doors open for registration, networking and refreshments

5.45pm Welcome and opening by a representative from Solent University

6pm Lecture by Dr Komali Kantamaneni

7pm Q&As

7.15pm Networking and refreshments

8pm Close

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