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Author, Zoe Young will be talking about her PhD research, just published by Policy Press. Already receiving accolades from Ann Oakley, Women's Work follows the experiences of professional women returning to work after starting families, and the unexpected labour find that they've taken on in managing new flexible working arrangements.

It is fascinating research, and in the words of one of Zoe's interviewees, "I didn't go to Harvard just to do your laundry!"

About Zoe Young

Zoe Young's book Women's Work: How mothers manage flexible working in careers and family life, has recently been published. In it, Zoe examines how motherhood impacts women's careers by taking a first time look at what happens inside women's work and family lives in a year of working flexibly. Drawing on over 100 hours of interviews, Women's Work reveals the complex hidden lives of working women and the lengths they go to so they can maintain a career alongside motherhood.


TS312, The Spark

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