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For centuries, religions have sought to intervene in how people behave in bed. Some say that’s their moral right, but for many it’s a severe form of social control, and well past its sell-by date.  So how are these ancient institutions - religions - viewing the complex contemporary mix of sexual identities that is LGBTQ?   

The Wilberforce Dialogue is Solent University’s main annual engagement with the local community around a contemporary topic of intellectual interest and social significance. This year it focuses its attention on how much sympathy, tolerance and intolerance religions do, should, or should not direct at individuals whose sexual preferences lead them to identify with the label LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning).

The 2019 Dialogue is guaranteed to be an insightful, eye-opening debate about an issue that's controversial for many, and intriguing to everyone. Do join us! There will be refreshments after the event.

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