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There have been many failures when implementing information systems, especially in Professor Dawson’s main interest area of knowledge management systems. Ray Dawson introduces his perspective of a knowledge management system as a form of information system and explains why this type of information system is particularly prone to failure.

There are many examples of knowledge management systems and other information systems that have floundered or failed and some that have been successful. In Ray’s experience, most of these failures are due to non-technical reasons and gives a series of case studies to illustrate this. Is it not possible, therefore, to use this experience to learn how to improve the success rate? Professor Dawson uses examples from the case studies to derive a 12-step plan for successful information systems implementation.



Presentation by Professor Ray Dawson

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Ray Dawson is Emeritus Professor of Knowledge Management at Loughborough University, having recently retired from the University in September 2019. He obtained his bachelor's degree in mathematics with engineering and his research master's degree in finite element analysis at Nottingham University. In 1977 he entered Plessey Telecommunications where he developed an interest in software engineering processes and the working methods for information systems development as practised in industry. Since 1987 he has continued this interest in industrial working methods at Loughborough University, working with companies to improve their software processes and information systems. His research areas include the successes and failures of knowledge management implementation and the contribution knowledge management can make to systems quality and software project management. He has produced numerous papers and books, and has been conference chair and host for several of the BCS Quality SG’s SQM conferences.

This is event is organised by BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS Quality SG and Solent University.

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