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Where do you go once you have the most detailed topographic map of Great Britain? At Ordnance Survey we found our customers wanted more from our data and we have embarked on a journey to be on the cutting edge of technology to deliver.

Using deep learning we are training models on our most detailed geospatial data to get the most out of every byte. In this talk Olivia Wilson will cover how we are doing this using Python and focusing on libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow and Quiver, from our real world data collection all the way to innovative new data.



BCS e-learning SG AGM, then presentation

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Olivia Wilson is a senior engineer at Ordnance Survey. She specialises in machine learning applied to aerial imagery. Originally, she developed the python code repository to do machine learning within research. Now, her daytime job is working on productionising this research. She holds an MSc in Computer Science with distinction.

This event is organised jointly by BCS e-learning SG, BCS Hampshire Branch, BCSWomen SG, and Solent University

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