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Join Solent lecturer, Tom Gray, and BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Therapy student, TJ Hewitt as they tackle some of the 'myths' surrounding posture and advise on ways to avoid prolonged sitting.

Friday 22nd May 2020
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Join Solent University’s Tom Gray, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Therapy and third-year BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Therapy student Tara-Jayne (TJ) Hewitt as they tackle some of the myths surrounding posture and advise you on ways to avoid prolonged sitting.

Research no longer seems to support the idea that there is a 'perfect posture' that we should all maintain throughout the day. We now believe that any posture which is maintained for long periods of time tends to cause harm for our health and wellbeing, whether this is sitting upright or slouching.

There is now a bigger emphasis on the importance of a regular change in posture throughout the day, whether this is through the use of ergonomics and/or simple exercises and time away from the desk.

In this session Tom and TJ will cover a few simple exercises that can be performed while working from the office or at home.

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