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Thursday 16 June 2016

The Student Ambassador awards

Every year, Solent runs a host of events, both for students that are already here and for those who are thinking of joining us. We wouldn’t be able to do any of these without the help of our student ambassadors, who give us the extra help we need, and are able to give a better picture of what university life is really like for those who don’t yet know.

Last week, we celebrated our hard-working helpers at the Ambassador Awards ceremony, where each winner was presented with an ambassador hoodie with their name printed on the back.

Nicola Parr won two awards – Widening Participation Ambassador of the Year and Team Leader of the Year. She is passionate about STEM – which aims to get more women studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and is currently in charge of a project to recruit ambassadors from around the University to visit schools and promote the STEM subjects.

Nicola, who is in her first year studying audio and acoustic engineering, says: “Hopefully the project will really get going in October half term. We’ll show the school students around and show them just what STEM subjects can include and what facilities they could be using.

“The award was quite a shock – I really didn’t expect it!”

Some of the winners in their personalised hoodies.

Second year health, exercise and physical activity student Simon Kohland won Recruitment Ambassador of the Year for his positivity, enthusiasm and commitment to Solent’s values. He was also surprised to win, and added: “I think going to university was one of the best decisions I ever made. I want to be able to encourage others to go too!”

Other winners were:

  • Positive Role Model of the Year – Sadie Parker
  • Mentor of the Year Award – Abbie Brock
  • Peer Recognition Award – Matt Gibson
  • Staff Recognition Award – Martina Baycheva
  • Tour Guide of the Year – Adam Weeden
  • Open Day Ambassador of the Year – Fred Martins. Fred has worked every open day during his time at Solent!

Congratulations to all our ambassadors; you’ve been great!