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Thursday 8 November 2018

Yesterday was National Stress Awareness Day, so the student advice team, alongside student Wellbees, ran an event in the concourse promoting the importance of self-care. 

Staff and student volunteers were on hand to give advice, and had lots of helpful resources about stress management, looking after your wellbeing, and how to have a conversation with somebody you’re worried about.

Free fruit was available, as well as relaxing teabags - complete with instructions about how to have a ‘mindful’ cup of tea!  They also promoted the wide range of support available to the students at Solent University. 

In recognition of the day, Helen Jolley, Student Services Team Leader (Wellbeing) gave her ten top tips on taking care of yourself:

  1. Sleep: try to go to bed and get up at similar times every day. Do something relaxing and limit screen time before bed.
  2. Socialising: spend time with people that make you feel good. Meet new people by joining a club or society.
  3. Boundaries: do you find yourself saying yes to things you don’t really want to do? Self-care is all about doing what’s best for you. Try not to take too much on or put other people’s needs before your own.
  4. Exercise: it helps to reduce stress, keeps you healthy and can improve your mood. You could go for walks or do some yoga at home if you don’t want to join a gym.
  5. Get support: if you’re feeling low, stressed, anxious, or something that’s worrying you, visit the Student Hub or check out the support pages on the portal. Your friends and family should be able to help, too.
  6. Food: take a proper break to eat instead of eating on the go. Eat balanced meals, and cook fresh food as much as possible.
  7. Water: keeping hydrated can help you to focus, gives you energy and keeps you healthy.
  8. Alcohol: can exacerbate stress and anxiety. Cutting down can help you sleep better, so you’ll have more energy.
  9. Relax: take time to meditate, have a bath, listen to music or do something creative.
  10. Your environment: set some time aside to declutter your bedroom or desk, as the environment you live in can have a real impact on your mood.