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Friday 20 December 2019

Christmas market  

The German Christmas market has been the highlight of Southampton’s winter scene for five years now. Right in the centre of town, it includes more than 40 independent stalls, including gifts, food (who doesn’t love some good street food?) and much more. Or if, like me, you like to grab a drink and enjoy the atmosphere with friends, then get yourself a warm cider or a stein of beer and find a seat in the open-air bar.


One of the great things about living in such a big city is having so many cinemas at your front door. Nearest in town we have the Showcase Cinema De Lux, the Odeon and Harbour Lights. All three of these cinemas offer many kinds of wonderful experiences. As well as the newest blockbusters, you can get comfy and watch beloved classics, cult favourites, midnight releases and live broadcasts of theatrical productions right to the cinema. And don’t forget to check out Solent’s own Sonar film society for in-house film viewings.  


If Southampton has one thing it’s shops. Westquay shopping centre is a great place to relax and hang out in-between lectures. As well as over three levels of shopping, there are also many places to get all different types of food. The centre regularly hosts events and pop-up stalls for anyone to get involved in. All year round, Westquay provides a relaxed atmosphere and hundreds of options of things to do.

And if you want to try somewhere a bit different, head to Solent's own student-run store, Re:So in the Marlands shopping centre.


Southampton is the home to many free (or discounted for students) cultural exhibits, including some wonderful galleries. Right in the middle of town we have Solent University's Showcase Gallery, as well as the John Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Gallery which both have free entry to all. Drop in any time to get out of the cold and  enjoy an ever-changing array of exhibitions including local artists and works.    

 Amy :-)