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Friday 20 December 2019

The beloved Christmas break is finally here! A time where students can enjoy their meals cooked for them once again, and maybe even get away with not having to do the washing up. Even after three years at Solent, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate a period where I can enjoy my mum’s cooking rather than my own inexperienced dishes. However, this Christmas for me is not as leisurely as previous years as I have my dissertation looming over my shoulder like a scholarly Scrooge.

Before setting off home for the break, I of course must make the yearly visit to the Southampton Christmas market. If you’re struggling to find the Christmas spirit as a Solent student, make sure to visit the city centre one evening over Christmas - the food, music and drinks breathe an air of Christmas unlike many other markets I’ve experienced. Even after my fourth time experiencing it, I love an evening of Christmas music, German beer and Christmassy foods.

After my time in Southampton, I’ll head home to Kent to spend Christmas and the new year with my close friends and family. For a student it’s healthy and well-earned to have a break from the studying, exams or essays during Christmas. Don’t feel guilty for not doing as much work as you usually would, because that’s what a break is for! Even while having two essays and a draft dissertation chapter due in January, I will still make sure to have my fair share of festivities to recharge that battery for the coming year. All that said, make sure to keep on top of your work like I will be, but have a bit of fun at the same time.

Merry Christmas! 

Michael :-)