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Friday 6 March 2020

University is an emotional roller-coaster; lots of ups and downs. It’s a new start for everyone as it’s a new school, new people and a new environment, which can be always a bit overwhelming. Hence why it’s always best to ask people about their experience or watch videos or read people's blogs about their experience -  such as this article you’re reading right now. It always makes everything easier for when you’re just moving in or if you've already moved in - it will take a weight off your chest being able to relate, just from knowing that everyone goes through the same things. Personally, I’d recommend a YouTuber called Jack Edwards. as he posts a lot of tips with regard to studying and university life which has definitely made me feel more prepared for university and less anxious.

Nikola Ferdek, Solent BA (Hons) Film Visual Effects

Moving in

Moving into a new place is always exciting as you can decorate your room with your own things and adjust it to how you want to have it. But it still can be a bit overwhelming as you will live for the next couple of months in a new environment - it might take a while for you to get used to it and you might get homesick. This is why I made sure to bring most of my posters from my room at home to avoid feeling homesick. Even if you think you may not feel homesick, you would be surprised. I moved into shared halls which was a big change for me as I had a big room with an en-suite back in my family home where no one could hear me and vice versa. However, despite the fact that I have my own bathroom in halls, it’s totally different because I can hear everyone and everyone can hear me, meaning I have to be more considerate of others when listening to music or playing guitar. But, due to the thin walls I made friends as one of my flat mates started texting me asking “What’s so funny?” as he could hear me laugh across the room, which made us talk more and eventually become good friends. Personally, I adapted very quickly to my room as it was all for me - I didn’t have to share with anyone and I could decorate however I desired and do here pretty much whatever I wanted, which gave me a sense of freedom and made this room feel like my own home.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week definitely made me nervous as it was a new environment with new people which made my anxiety go up, but in addition it got my adrenaline running full of determination to start a new course. I am studying BA (Hons) Film Visual Effects which already sounds exciting as it is, but actually beginning to use all the software and seeing the computer rooms made it feel like a dream come true as we got exposed to many facilities that realistically I would never be able to use or afford without going to university.

Making friends

This for me personally is the most challenging thing about university as I’m not really a fan of making the first move when meeting others. However, I kept one thing in mind that helped me to talk to others which was 'we are all on the same boat'. My flatmates didn’t know each other as well and same with my classmates. With my flatmates the most common conversation starters were in regard to where are they from, what course they are doing, discussing our shared facilities and, of course, food. And when it came to classmates, we do the same course hence why most of my conversation starters were to do with the course such as, what made you pick this course and why? Over time, I made many friends in my flat and on my course, which made everything a million times easier. For example, when I had flu for over a month, my flatmates looked after me - they bought me medicine, made me soup, etc, despite just meeting, which was very heart-warming and unexpected. But nevertheless it feels good to have so many people you can count on. In regards to university life itself, I was scared of entering the classrooms or expressing my opinions as I am very awkward and shy at first. However, after making friends in my course my worries went away and I feel as if I am finally making the most out of my university experience through asking more questions and not holding myself back as much, as through my peers, I feel a sense of security that makes simple things that 2% easier.

University is a beneficial and rich experience of everyone's lives - there may be new challenges that we will come across, but they will enhance our characters and make us stronger as people. Getting out of our comfort zone is always the beginning of a good adventure which is what university is.