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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Solent Graduate wins People's Choice Award for Animation

Nick Murray Willis, a BA (Hons) Animation graduate from Solent, has just won the People’s Choice Awards for the E Sting competition with E4. We caught up with him to talk about his experiences since university and his recent award success.

Congratulations on winning the People’s Choice Award! Tell us about your E Sting and how did you hear about the competition?

My E Sting is about a monster in London. At first, it looks like a Godzilla scenario but turns out he’s just bored, flicking the London Eye and lying on the Tower Bridge.

I’ve always seen the E Stings on E4, they do an ident competition every couple of years, so thought it’d be nice to get something of mine on the channel.

So what inspired you to create the E Sting?

I have a smartphone with a little pen (Samsung galaxy note), so I started taking photos in London and doodling monsters over the top. People seemed to like them and I’d always thought it’d be nice to make a moving version.

Nick Murray Willis

How does it feel to have won?

I was happy enough being one of the 16 finalists, so to have won the whole thing is brilliant! There were some fantastic E Stings made by some excellent animators and studios, so I feel really lucky to have been voted the winner!

What happens now you have won the award? Will it be on E4?

All 16 finalists will be on E4. Being the People’s Choice winner means I also get a cash prize and hopefully I’ll get a trophy at the awards party!


How did your animation degree help shape your career?

My degree taught me how to make animated films which is obviously the main thing! Being able to do traditional animation is a great base skill to have. What was also really useful was working at Pew36 (an animation company formed by my course leader, Adam Comiskey with recent Solent graduates). It has enabled me to learning new programs and get experience on professional jobs.

What do you think about the facilities at Solent for animation students?

The fact you start by learning traditional animation is a great thing, and then go on to create your own 2D, 3D or stop motion film is a fantastic experience.


What are yout top tips for our animation students?

Be productive, don’t be afraid to be different and get yourself out there!

To see more of Nick’s work, visit, or to find out more about Solent’s animation and design courses visit our courses page.