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Wednesday 16 December 2015

Solent Empowering Women in a Blink

Re:So, Southampton Solent University’s student-run store, is supporting the new collection of Blink Now Kopila Valley Women’s Center, set up to empower girls and women in Nepal.

The centre gives girls and women the tools, skills and knowledge to overcome social inequality and gain economic independence.

“The centre is very close to my heart after seeing the women learn new skills and open their own shop in western Nepal,” says Anna Felton, Lecturer in Fashion Management and Marketing at Southampton Solent University.

“The work Blink Now do to support women and girls in Nepal to a better future is amazing and really changes lives. We are proud to support them by stocking their designs in store and it really fits with the ethos of Re:So.”

Blink Now Kopila Valley Women’s Center collection

Re:So, or Retail Solent, is an innovative retail initiative set up by Solent’s award-winning lecturer Lisa Mann. It encourages and supports student entrepreneurship and work-based learning, and stocks a number of ethical, fair-trade products, some produced by the University’s creative students and graduates.

“I hope Re:So’s developments in supporting more projects such as this will help encourage more students and customers to be mindful of where their products come from, and as Vivienne Westwood suggests, fashion has the power to change the world,” adds Anna.

“A lot of the products in Re:So are fair-trade and ethically produced, and this is something we teach our students about here at Solent.”

If you’re stuck for a Christmas present, make sure you visit Re:So in The Marlands Centre, Southampton, to browse the collection and many other gifts in store.