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Thursday 26 May 2016

The University’s Graduate Fashion Show 2016 will be hitting the catwalk this June. The culmination of three year’s study, final-year fashion students will be showcasing collections inspired by an eclectic mix of themes - from Venice architecture to the neon colours of 90s rave culture.

Georgia Jones, one of the students organising the show, caught up with 21-year-old fashion student Charlotte Stevens to take a sneak peak at her collection and to find out what inspired her designs.

Your collection is looking amazing so far, what is the concept behind it?

The idea behind my collection Consistently Inconsistent is very personal to me. I picked the concept ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) for my collection because of my personal journey dealing and living with this disorder.

It's great that youve taken something so personal and turned it into such a positive outlook  why did you use this concept for your collection?

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was seven years old. It was something that was used to label me, mostly when I was younger. At times I was incredibly ashamed of my circumstances, I put family and friends through a lot of hard work, unintentionally - it was a challenge to grow up with. Only now through my three years at university have I managed to understand myself and deal with this issue properly, without my mum by my side being my rock.

What aspect of your collection exactly has taken an influence from living with ADHD?

My Collection reflects the cycle of stages I went through while trying to deal with my problem. It’s also a representation of the acceptance I now feel within myself. I have focused greatly on my ‘colour story’ to express these emotions. By using warm hues with shy greys I hope to communicate the inconsistency I feel within myself.

We will definitely be looking out for the colour changes when your collection goes down the runway. Looking back, what made you want to study Fashion at uni?

I had an excellent teacher in fashion at school. I had little self-belief but she convinced me that I would be mad not to go into fashion. I can’t begin to describe the love and appreciation I have for fashion; how a series of outfits can communicate so much.

Now that you’ve pretty much finished your three years at Solent, do you have anything lined up for when you graduate?

RELAX!! I need a month off!! My poor body, mind and soul have been fried by this collection! But after a small break I will be job hunting!

If you want to see Charlotte's collection first hand, join us at Southampton Solent’s Graduate Fashion Show on the Friday 10 June. Alongside Charlotte's work, you'll be able to see fourteen other collections showcased on a live catwalk show. You can purchase tickets at the Solent E-Shop for only £5.

For regular updates and information about Solent's Graduate Fashion Show, follow us on Facebook. You can also follow us on Instagram to see the beautiful work by our designers and behind-the-scenes teasers.

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