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Monday 23 December 2013

Professor Norman Jackson talks CIPD with MA students

Students on the MA Human Resource Management course at Southampton Solent Business School aspire to become human resource professionals and members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Thanks to a relationship that the Business School has established with the Lifewide Education Community, Christine Fountain (course leader) invited Professor Norman Jackson to introduce these ideas to MA Human Resource Management students.

Norman’s workshop engaged the students in thinking about the relevance of Lifewide learning for the developmental aspects of HRM. The session included an introduction to learning ecologies and an invitation to contribute a narrative that gave substance and meaning to the concept in the lives of students.

Having contributed her own piece for this inspirational collection of narratives Christine commented:

“I believe that seeing the way people develop through their own learning ecologies might help them in the developmental aspects of their future role as HRM professionals.

“Personally, I learnt a great deal from this process which began when I sat down and wrote my own reflective piece on the ecology I have created for myself around my love of gardening. I found the process of writing and reflecting enjoyable, enlightening and dare I say it therapeutic as it helped me appreciate myself.

“It convinced me that there was merit in trying to apply the idea of learning ecologies to our own lives as it only really makes sense when the idea is contextualised in something that has meaning to us.

“The students’ writing created a new ecology for learning.  Their personal stories reflect the diverse ways in which people find meaning in their lives, and the learning and skills developed as individuals reflected on their passions and interests, or significant events in their lives. Their stories reveal their own learning ecologies in the different facets of their lives whilst highlighting transferable skills and coping strategies relevant to the MA Human Resource Management experience.

“I feel privileged to have read these accounts and reflections and I hope you enjoy the journeys these young people have made and are making. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the stories and experiences which students bring to augment their university learning experience and my own learning and understanding of my students has been much enhanced by being part of this ecological learning process.”

Follow this link to view the special edition of the magazine featuring these students and their narratives.