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Thursday 5 June 2014

Meet Tom Goulding, Solent alumni

Tom Goulding, alumni of Solent’s Adventure and Outdoor Programme discusses his journey of learning how to learn non-stop

Making the decision to enter higher education was a tough one. Having worked from the age of 15, I had a well paid job, and was looking at a clear and organised future. But (and it is a big but) I felt like something was missing.

My career path was not exactly what I wanted so I sat down and thought about what I like doing (surfing, sailing, climbing, fishing). I decided that no matter what, I had to be able to do what I liked during my short stay on this planet.

After a nerve-wracking six months of applications and personal letter writing to a variety of heads of departments at different universities, I got the chance to enrol on BA (Hons) Watersports and Management at Solent.

What followed was a game changer. I learnt to learn. What started out as learning marketing, financial planning, events management and such mainly focused on the tourism and event industry led to a much deeper concern for our planet and how we interact with it.

Imola River (Northern Italy) – Bio assessment of Benthic macro fauna

So having finished my degree I applied for an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Water and Coastal Management and have so far spent six months apiece at the Universities of Bologna andCadiz.

I will soon be heading to Brazil to work on a new statistical technique for sediment quality analyses. The idea behind this is so that we can come up with suitable guidelines of contamination for ports, beaches and the like.

I know that this educational journey is only just beginning. The three years as an undergraduate at Solent allowed me to use all their resources to my advantage and now I am doing a lot more science and less management.

I have the confidence to continue down this path and who knows where it may lead? One thing is for certain, I will be learning all the way.