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Friday 20 April 2018

Aaron Thompson graduated from Solent's BA (Hons) English degree. Here, he tells us what he loved about his degree, and how changing paths early on in his studies was the best decision he made.

I initially came to university studying psychology, but later found myself craving something more creative and open ended, with more emphasis put on freedom of thought rather than facts. With this in mind, I switched to English after passing my first year of Psychology and began my studies on the English Literature course.

Very quickly, I knew I’d made the right decision; the lecturers were so passionate and interested in their subject that it became contagious. What I initially thought were simple stories became a wealth of philosophical enquiry, and the way the professors taught opened up a whole new way of seeing literature. 

Aaron Thompson

The course was well balanced, with plenty of creative modules to get stuck into combined with interesting literature and contextual investigation. There was also great freedom of choice when it came to the work, allowing me to pick and choose which of the novels in the unit I decided to explore further in my assignments.

Since graduating, I have had the fortune of working for a year in the University’s own press for online publications – which I would have never been introduced to if it were not for the English degree – and have now moved on to support students with employment both within and outside of the University. The course has taught me so much more than ‘reading and analysing’. It developed my critical and creative thinking skills, promoted philosophical enquiry and logical thinking, helped me to view things from different perspectives and to be respectful and understanding of other people’s opinions – plenty of debates are had in English so this is a must!

Overall I highly recommend the English course here at Solent. If you’ve ever had the good fortune of attending an open day and meeting the course lecturers, then you’re probably already convinced – trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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