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Friday 18 November 2016

Find out how Karima is getting on in her internship

karima-majiThis week we hear from second year PR_SSU student Karima Pires Manji who is currently undertaking a two week internship with the marketing and PR team at Vostron, a telecoms company based in Southampton.

Joining a new company, even if only short term, can be daunting, but Karima has offered some great tips for first time interns to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your new position.

So, over to Karima for her top tips:

Dress a combination of casual and professional

My supervisor told me that I could dress in whatever I felt comfortable. However, I think it is important to demonstrate that you’ve made an effort. I advise you to dress a combination of casual and professional. I have been wearing formal trousers with different blouses and loafers. Sometimes, I change for a blazer when I decide to wear black jeans.

Be proactive

I have found myself without things to do because I’ve finished my tasks too quickly. Instead I have started doing extra things that add to my workload. If I have specific tasks for tomorrow I make a plan today, that way I arrive the next morning prepared for the day.

Go for a walk

Working in PR/marketing means that you stay most of the time sat down. Let’s be honest, online is where the action happens. However, go take a walk and do some stretches whenever you are free. I have an hour lunch break that allows me to go home (10-minute walk) have lunch and come back. I don’t take the computer with me so I can rest my eyes and mind.

Snacks and WATER!

Just because you are not exercising doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep yourself hydrated. Always have a bottle of water next to you and bring some dry snacks such as nuts, fruit or rice cakes. Having little healthy snacks during the day will keep you full for longer and keeps your metabolism working.

Thanks Karima they are some great tips for all PR students, we look forward to hearing about your experiences later on in the summer!

Internship Update: Karima Manji on working in-house
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Internship Update: Karima Manji on working in-house

Second year Karima is back this week with an update on her work placement at Voston Telecoms company based in Southampton.