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Monday 19 June 2017

1.     Be Proactive-

Always do background research on the company you want to do your work experience at. You will increase your chances of being offered some work experience if you show them that you understand their company. When emailing or calling the company explain why you are interested in them, for example, they have a wide range of clients.

 2.     Find a good location-

Find some work experience that is easily accessible to you. You don’t necessarily have to look on jobsites to find work experience. You could just google “PR Agencies” in your area and email them explaining that you are interested in some work experience.

 3.     Don’t be afraid to email-

It might be taunting to email a company, especially if you only really use email for personal reasons. Sit down and spend some time structuring your email on a word document. Then alter each email slightly different for each company you send it to.

 4.     Don’t give up-

You might get a lot of no’s before any yes’s. But keep emailing companies! If companies aren’t responding to your emails, follow it up with a phone call. This will impress the company, as it will show them that you are keen.

 5.     Use resources available to you-

You may know someone in PR that you could ask to help you find a placement. It is useful to use your connections. Go on LinkedIn and post that you are looking for work experience. Individuals in the industry will see your post and might message you with some information or placement offers. Finally use the Solent work experience and placements page on the portal. The portal has lots of companies that have worked with Solent students before and so, will be more than likely to give you a placement! 


We hope this helps and good luck on finding a placement!