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Wednesday 23 October 2019

PR student Eloise Newman tells us all about this year's E-Campaign In A Day.

Students across different year groups and from courses ranging from Journalism to Marketing to Public Relations and Communications all came together to tackle one of two real world issues delivered to them at the start of the day by event organiser Rob Dalton. Both issues were politically focused- the first campaign was to lower the voting age to 16 and the second campaign was to get as many people between the ages of 18 and 21 to register to vote.

The students were split into 6 different teams, who each produced a variety of dynamic campaigns including video clips, surveys and social media posts! Each team was given guidance by the team of Public Relations and Marketing lecturers, as well as guest Jenni Field, the President-Elect for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Jenni Field, President-Elect of the CIPR.

After a full day overcoming challenges with research and creating suitable content, the teams regrouped to present their ideas. There was a tough decision to be made by the judges, but Group E were crowned winners of the day! A member of the winning team, Rachel Mole, said after “I had such a fun day and it was wonderful to work with other students from different courses. Being part of the winning team felt like a great achievement and I would definitely love to take part again!”.

This year's winning team!

At the end of the session, our guest, Jenni Field, commented “What a great day! An absolute pleasure to spend time with the students, hearing them work through the challenges of the E-Campaign. It was great to see so many groups use data to inform decisions and bring in measurement frameworks to track the success. I have no doubt everyone will go on to enjoy the learning and their careers in PR/Marketing. Thanks again for having me and hopefully I’ll be back!”.

A huge thank you goes to Rob Dalton, lecturer in the School of Business, Law and Communications, who organised this year’s E-Campaign. After the event, Rob commented “The students put the skills they have learned during their time at Solent into action by tackling head on a range of challenges over the course of the day. Each team produced a live campaign tackling one of two, very current, real world problems. The outcomes were fantastic, with the students showing the judges that they had great ideas, strong commitment and impressive creativity.” 

We look forward to bringing further updates about what our Public Relations and Communications students get up to!