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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Find out how our Second Year PR students tackled competitive live client pitches for the opportunity to win a two-week work placement at a PR Agency, from PR student Eloise Newman!

Second year PR students were put through their paces at the end of semester one, having to create and pitch a digital campaign for two organisations. Four groups spent 10 weeks developing their campaigns for a toilet tissue brand and a contact lens company. As part of the assignment, the teams had to write a 4,000-word report and prepare a live pitch to PR Professionals Naomi and Katarina from local PR agency Five by Five.

The creative pitches encompassed a range of digital ideas, with campaigns ranging from a social media competition and game, to live events and eye testing services using endorsements from existing organisations. Each team brought their own creative flair, and everyone rose to the challenge of pitching for 20 minutes in front of their peers and a panel of PR Professionals.   

After a tense wait while the judges decided on the winning team and this year’s Best PR Student, it was decided that the final group to pitch won, after they put forward ideas for a live, interactive event. Team member, Marie, was chosen as PR Student for this year, winning a two-week work placement alongside Naomi and Katarina at Five by Five. After winning, Marie said, “I feel very honoured that my group won the group pitch for the Digital PR unit. We worked very hard as a team and we worked out every issue together to deliver results. We worked as a team from the beginning until the end with fun, motivation and ambition, which was reflected in our results. I won the title of “Best PR Student” because I had an outstanding team who always supported me, and this unit enabled me to draw on my previous experience in the PR industry.”

The second year PR students have had a great opportunity to work to the specifications of a live client and deliver professional PR campaigns to their peers. It has been an exciting end to Semester One, stay tuned for what is in store for this Semester!