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Sunday 19 April 2020

PR student Eloise Newman caught up with four PR students who recently visited New York.

Last month, a group of PR and Communications Management students got the amazing opportunity to visit New York! In this blog post, first year students Kristine, Bethany and Julie and third year student Cassandra tell us all about their time on the trip…  

Hi! The trip to New York sounded amazing, what was a typical day like on the trip?

Cassandra: “There was not a typical day, there was something new to see and discover every day. We went to museums; The Met, The Guggenheim, MoMa, 9/11 Memorial and saw sights like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and Central Park.”

Bethany: “We would wake up quite early, between 7 and 8 and then go for breakfast somewhere. We would meet in the lobby of the hotel between 9 and 10 and go out as a group. Depending on what we were doing that day, we would finish at around lunch time and then would be free to do what we like for the rest of the day. Me and a few other girls went to dinner most nights, and to a basketball game one night.”

It sounds like you saw so much during your time in New York! What was your personal highlight of the trip?

Kristine: “I cannot choose one thing, but I would say- a basketball game, broadway show and a hip-hop tour with Crash Crew.”

Cassandra: “Truthfully, taking a break, getting some new input and exploring a new place. But the view from the Empire State Building will stick with me.”

Bethany: “For me, my highlights were the view from the top of the Empire State Building, watching the Knicks play at Madison Square Gardens and going to Ellen’s Starlight Diner for dinner.”

Julie: “I really enjoyed going for walks in Central Park and Times Square. The basketball game was amazing- going to the Madison Square Garden was a dream come true as all my favourite celebrities have performed there. Liberty Island was also very interesting.”

Watching The Knicks play at Madison Square Garden- image provided by Julie Mari.

What did you learn about PR during the trip?

Kristine: “I actually was wondering how it is possible to make something over there that would stand out- it must be a real challenge! However, I am certain that PR is everywhere and in everything, even if many people do not even recognise it is there.”

Cassandra: “I have learnt that word of mouth is really powerful- I've heard about a lot of American brands through social media and coming across them in real life made me want to try all of the restaurants and go into all of the shops! This is why social media outreach works.” 

Bethany: “I think for me it was just seeing how the culture of the city ran. The advertising in Times Square was interesting, I loved sitting there and watching all of the different adverts and thinking about the planning behind them.”

Did you have the opportunity to meet any others who study different courses at Solent?

Bethany: “Yes, the trip had Fashion Journalism, Marketing with Advertising and Interior Design students so, yes, we met a lot of new people.”

Julie: “I met some other PR students, Marketing and Fashion Journalism students. It was really nice meeting new people and spending a whole week with them.”

New York sights- image provided by Julie Mari.

Did New York inspire you in any way?

Kristine: “Yes, yes, yes! I think New York is a place for inspiration!”

Cassandra: “It made me once again, realise how small I am compared to the world as a whole and that any issues that I am currently experiencing pale in comparison to those the world faces. The stresses of third year sort of faded away.”

Bethany: “Definitely, the culture of the city is so different and inspiring as everyone there is inspired by the city. I think the most inspiring thing was going to the Stardust Diner, where all the waiters are aspiring actors who are living in New York to try to get on to Broadway.”

Julie: “I got really inspired by the fashion and artistic areas which motivated me to continue my studies and maybe move to New York in a few years!”

After going on this trip, would you like to go to New York again?

Kristine: “Definitely, and other states!”

Cassandra: “Absolutely, there are way too many things left to see for me not to go again in the future!”

Bethany: “I would love to go to New York again, but take my boyfriend next time as I think he would love it. But we will need to wait until this pandemic blows over!”

Julie: “I definitely want to go back to New York someday, I really think that New York is the perfect city to fulfil our dreams!”

New York taxi- image provided by Cassandra Algerstedt Roos.

Thank you so much for telling us all about New York, the trip sounded fantastic! Do you have any final comments to add?

Kristine: “It was a great life experience, showing there are great lessons to gain from this City.”


Thank you to Kristine, Cassandra, Bethany and Julie for contributing to this post and talking all about their time in New York!

I look forward to updating you on what our PR students get up to in our next blog post!

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