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Thursday 18 August 2016

Life at Ericsson TV

Having completed his second year in BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering, Alex Snell has taken a year out to work for Ericsson Television in Hedge End.

Alex says it has been a very challenging start to his placement; building three different systems, completing training covering Ericsson’s solutions portfolio and some additional training on brand new technologies. All within his first two weeks!

“It has been an absolute crash course in Ericsson's processes and I've had so much to read,” he says. “It has been a very difficult two weeks, but nothing that some Googling and commitment cannot solve!”

Alex has already created an interactive organisation tool that shows the systems and layouts within some of their test bays. This provides Ericsson’s engineers with easy access to configuration parameters and status monitoring in an intuitive format.

Ericsson has plenty of other projects lined up for Alex, which will certainly challenge and develop him in the months to come.


Alex, who found the placement through the media technology programme’s industry network and Solent University’s SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) chapter, says that his time at University has helped him get ready for these challenges, and that his course remains relevant in today’s fast-changing world.

“It’s nice to see so many ex-Solent students working [at Ericsson], there have been four that I have come across so far. One guy just left yesterday after 11 years, he graduated from Solent when it was still the Institute. So I've seen and heard lots of encouraging things!

“I just want to extend my thanks for teaching me so much, and being so helpful in the run up to this placement. I was really worried that I would be way out of my depth, but I feel like I've already accomplished a lot, and mostly off of the back of things I've learned at Uni.”

Paul Bourne, senior lecturer in media technology, adds: “It’s great to see Alex enjoying his placement and utilising what he has learnt so far. We look forward to welcoming him back in September 2017 to complete his formal studies and hear all about his exciting year out.”

The media technology programme encompasses a range of applied science degrees in the areas of audio, vision and acoustics. It works closely with a range of industry partners to create media aware technologists that are suited to contemporary job roles in exciting and expanding industries. More information here.