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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Solent Battle of the Bands 2016 consists of four rounds hosted at the Solent Students’ Union bar (The Den). Each round’s winning band will go on to the final at The 1865 Live music venue for a chance to win weekend tickets to Bestival this summer!

Sound for the events is being provided by the Live Event Society on behalf of the Students' Union by Senior Tech Manager Ben Akers and his team of Luke Kerr (Crew Leader), Charlie Creese, and Ed Beaumont-Dark.


The crew brought along a set of H&K speakers for Front of House as well as a set of Mackies for use as monitors. The audio was routed and mixed through a Soundcraft Si Impact mixing desk, using Shure SM58 and Beta 58A microphones for vocals, a Shure Beta 52A for kick drums, and the rest of the instruments (acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, etc.) being DI’d.

The first battle of the bands event was held on the 3rd March, see dates below for upcoming events:

  • 17th March – Solent SU
  • 21st April – Solent SU
  • 12th May – Solent SU
  • 26th May – The 1865

To enter your band into the competition, you will need to fill in the Solent BotB application form and send it back by the 5th May 2016.

Applications must be filled in correct with terms & conditions (supplied on application) accepted and emailed back to Alternatively you can print and fill in the application by hand in capital letters and handed into the Commercial Office (ground floor, SU).