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Friday 1 December 2017

Staff and students from the Solent Student Chapter of SMPTE visited Ericsson Television last night for a lecture titled: Why Cb Cr? Are existing broadcast formats suitable for HDR WCG content?

During the humorously titled lecture (trust us, it’s funny) algorithms expert Ollie presented some research that Ericsson has conducted into characterising errors that can occur within wider colour volumes. It turns out that whilst chroma subsampling is subjectively barely perceptible in SD and HD colour spaces, there are some serious consequences as we expand the gamut and luminance range in modern formats. Ollie made some interesting comparisons between different processing curves and there were some great discussions with contributions from industry experts from SAM, Dolby and HDDC.

As well as the lecture, there were some stimulating demos and the chance to network with leading figures from the sector. Thanks to Ericsson for hosting.