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Friday 21 September 2018

This week we welcomed a new batch of fresh-faced first years to the programme as they embark on their degrees in BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering, BSc (Hons) Live Sound Technology, BSc (Hons) Sound for Film, TV and Games, BSc (Hons) Film and TV Production Technology or BSc (Hons) Video and Streaming Technology as well as students joining us from other institutions for a top-up degree in BSc (Hons) Music Technology.

As well as the necessary enrolment and informational sessions, the week featured some taster lectures and of course team building activities. The students were introduced to fundamental concepts through lectures on ‘Measuring Sound’, ‘Visionary Insights’ and ‘The Auditory System’. They also formed small teams and were set the challenge of constructing an acoustic musical instrument using materials from around the house. This has been a tradition on the Media Technology programme and has produced some hilarious results over the last 25 years – needless to say that this year didn’t disappoint. The teams each played ‘Happy Birthday’ and were judged on the tonal quality, accuracy of playing, complexity of construction and dynamic range. Well done to the ‘Edibles’ who won with their carrot pipe.

Students present their musical creations

Another staple of our freshers week timetable is the Graduate Panel where a group of recent graduates discuss their experience on the programme. The fresher were joined by:

  • Artjoms Cigirs (by video) is a Studio Engineer with DJI and graduated from BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering this year 2018
  • Jack Human is an Acoustics Engineer at WSP Acoustics and graduated from BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering this year 2018
  • Shah Siddiqui is now undertaking a PhD having graduated from BSc (Hons) Broadcast Systems Engineering this year 2018
  • Louis Arrigoni is a Technician at Hireworks and graduated from BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering in 2016
  • Waz Godin is a Project Engineer at Gearhouse and graduated from BSc (Hons) Media Technology in 2015
  • Andy Tippetts is a Senior Project Engineer at Evertz and graduated from BSc (Hons) Media Technology in 2012
  • Pete Richardson is a Technical Supervisor at Sky and graduated from BSc (Hons) Music Studio Technology in 2010 and MSc Applied Acoustics in 2016

The graduates had a lot of sage advice for the students and emphasised the importance of getting involved and trying roles outside of their comfort zone. The graduates agreed that the events, visits, guest lectures and networking opportunities provided alongside the degree course were key to their success and encouraged the students to embrace them.

Students participate in the Graduate Panel

Due to the nature of live event work, the panel didn’t include anyone directly working in the live sound arena. However the graduates present knew plenty of their peers who have been working on productions around Europe and beyond and were still able to share some insights with the freshers.

The other theme that emerged was the importance of joining some of the relevant student and professional societies that available such as the Live Event Society, Sonar Film, Radio Sonar, the Audio Engineering Society, the Institute of Acoustics, the Royal Television Society and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

The week is always very uplifting as we introduce our next generation of students to the exciting opportunities ahead of them. We look forward to reporting on what they get up to in future posts.