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Friday 19 October 2018

Augusto Marcondes from Rane visited the students enrolled on our Audio Systems Design unit, as well as other students from the Media Technology degree group, to show off some of the techniques and equipment that Rane has to offer. As a global university coordinator for the company, Augusto aims to get universities involved and engaged in Rane’s vision, and Solent was a natural choice for his involvement.

The Rane Corporation are professional audio manufacturers, specialising in custom installations and routing services, which was the subject of the talk. They offer excellent, highly scalable products that allow analog and digital audio to be routed and volume controlled throughout a building structure, which is controllable via web interfaces, mobile phone app, or even hardware jogwheel interfaces installed in the room next to the light switch. This allows users to select inputs and tweak volume levels in each of the rooms and zones that the installer defines, in an intuitive and expandable way. The talk focussed on the jobs our graduates would be doing – specification, programming and installation of these tools and services.

Rane also offer a certification scheme, to allow students to get accustomed and skilled in the use of the software ecosystem that Rane maintain. All of the subsystems are controlled and programmed via the Halogen visual programming interface, which allows offline system setup away from the hardware to then be pushed out to the actual hardware systems once they are installed. The Rane certification scheme was offered by Augusto to our students so that they can get some experience in the software, and walk away with a Rane certification at the end, for free!

Augusto is a musician as well as a representative of Rane and the other InMusic brands, and his passion for good quality audio and music is self-evident in his presentation and enthusiasm for the subject. Based near to the University, he is keen to maintain a link with our students, knowing our strengths and what we do. We thank him for taking the time out of his schedule to meet our students!