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Friday 5 April 2019

It’s the season when our third year students are frantically building, testing and researching for their major projects. During their third year, Media Technology students conduct a self-managed project of significant scale and complexity, in which they create an artefact that provides a solution to an identified technical problem or challenge. The output of the projects usually take the form of a piece of hardware or software or the practical implementation of a new technique or dataset.

The students then produce a 10,000 word dissertation based on their project and demonstrate the output in a conference style exhibition.

We warmly welcome graduates, industry contacts, friends of the programme and anyone interested in media technologies to attend this year’s exhibition. Come and see what our students have been up to and discuss their projects and aspirations.

Date: Thursday 23 May
Time: 1-4pm
Location: Spark Atrium, Solent University 

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Confirmed titles are listed below and will be added to as the student confirm their finalised titles:

BEng (Hons) Acoustics

Adam Slaymark:  The Use of Handheld Construction Tools and the Effects on People

BEng (Hons) Audio and Acoustic Engineering

Arina Epure:  Sounds of Colours Application

Thomas Hood:  Different Bracing Methods on an Acoustic Guitar and the Effect on its Acoustical Sound

Thomas Hutchin:  An Investigation into Calibrated Noise for Sound Masking in an Analysed Room

Andre Oliveira Pires:  Study and analysis of Audio Valves

Jed Pizzey:  Investigation into the Soundscape of West Quay

James Sharpe:  Noise Exposure in the London Underground

Joseph Smith:  Diagnosis of Fractures using Acoustic Transmission Techniques

Tom Thomas:  A Low Cost Device to Monitor HD-SDI and Fiber Optic Signals

Luis Vargas Crespo:  Noise and Vibration Exposure on Sewing Machines

BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering

Mehmet Avkan:  Measuring and Optimising Room Acoustics for Amplified Sound and Music

Alejandro Cabrera Morales:  Intuitive Plugin for Drum Effects

Alexander Devlin:  Investigating the Use of Biometric Readings and Physical Inputs to Control Audio in a Virtual Space

Barnaby Hewitt:  Enhancement of Stereo Image Quality of an All-in-One Speaker Through Beamsteering Technologies

Daniel Hopkins:  Frequency Dependent Automatic Microphone Stand

Laurence Howell:  Sound Level Exposure Calculator

Ewan Munro:  A Comparison of Performance Metrics for Audio Networking Protocols

Breege Noble:  Designing an Immersive Audio System for Escape Rooms

Diogo Pereira:  The Influence of Natural Soundscapes on Mathematical and Cognitive Performance

Jared Pestugia:  Investigation into the Accuracy of a Microphone Array System’s Ability to Locate a Sound Source

William Richards:  Does Urban Noise Affect Acoustic Communication Between Birds?

Daniel Scott:  Noise Management Plan for Semi-professional Performance Spaces

Nicholas Smith:  Analysis of Techniques for Capturing Birdsong and Very Quiet Sounds

Lia Smith:  Can the Use of Restorative Soundscapes in Virtual Reality be Used to Aid Wellness?

Thomas Stone:  Development of an Analogue EQ with Instantly Recallable Presets

Emily Welfare:  Integrating Legacy Equipment into an Audio Internet Protocol Network

Ilias Zantis:  Budget Bluetooth Stereo Sound System

BSc (Hons) Broadcast Systems Engineering

Emily Bergun:  An Investigation into the Impact that Inaccurate Absorption Coefficients Can Have on Reverberation Time Calculations

Philip Ludgate:  Cloud-based MAM and Playout System

BSc (Hons) Live Sound Technology

Alexander Beasley:  The Application of Ambisonics with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Edward Beaumont-Dark:  Low Frequency Propagation Control for Live Events

Christine Cochrane:  Live Sound System Optimisation Techniques

Ryan Crook:  Comparison of Analogue and Digital Live Mixing Consoles and How Well Analogue Consoles Stand in Today's Digital Era

Daniel Dean:  Creating Acoustic Mapping Software

Christopher Duffy:  An Application for Remote Control of Broadcast Audio in Ice Hockey Arenas

Liam Gibson:  What Elements of Everyday Sounds Can Become Distracting and Irritating?

Holly Keeys:  An Exploration into whether Sound Effects or Music Have a Greater Impact on the Emotional Response of a Viewer in a Cinematic Environment

Daniel Reeves:  Innovative Public Address System for Use at Motorsport Circuits for Improved Intelligibility

James Sheath:  Comparing Onstage Monitors to In-ear Monitors

Samantha Stafford:  Noise Exposure of Gaming and E-Sports

BSc (Hons) Music Technology

Sebastian Duran:  Acoustic Design Criteria for Higher Educational Learning Environments

Justyna Lubas:  MIDI Controller

BSc (Hons) Television Production Technology

James Mcbride:  Applications of a Raspberry Pi Thermal Camera

Gareth Thomas:  The Use of a Low Cost Device to Monitor Signal Strength from HD-SDI and Broadcast Fiber Cables