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Solent University has recently been awarded £500,000 by the Office for Students (OfS) to launch the cutting-edge MSc Applied AI and Data Science course.

10th June 2020
Computing and games

This funding forms part of the £13million Office for Students (OfS) funding initiative (#JoinYourAIFuture), aiming to increase the skilled workforce and diversity in AI and data science - and will enable Solent to offer 36 scholarships of £10,000 each to students attending the MSc.

These scholarships are available to applicants from under-represented groups in AI and Data Science areas over the next three years. In order to be eligible to apply for one, the applicant must be from one (or more) of the following groups.

  • Black students
  • Female students
  • Registered disabled students
  • Students from POLAR Q1 and Q2 (UK students only)
  • Care experienced students (UK students only)
  • Estranged students (UK students only)
  • Gypsy, Roma, Traveller student (resident in the UK)
  • Refugees (resident in the UK)
  • Children from UK military families, veterans, and partners of UK military personnel.

Picture of two computing students in discussion

Using student-centric and problem-based approaches, the newly developed MSc Applied AI and Data Science course helps to equip students with the grounding knowledge, industry-standard skills and technology to open doors to a wide range of careers. This course is also suitable to those who may not have a computer science or STEM academic background, but wish to start a new career in AI and data science.

For further information on the scholarship or how to apply, please contact admissions on


* Preference will be given to the first three groups. Before applying for a scholarship, you must have applied for the course. Applications will be judged based on the personal statement, academic merit, eligibility criteria, reference letters and possibly interviews.