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Over the last five years, Solent has established itself as a key contributor to realist informed research and evaluation. The key aim of realist enquiry is to address complexity by understanding how and why things work, which spans social change interventions and human interaction within contexts.

The aim of our group is to bring together everyone who is interested in realist evaluation, synthesis and research. Those who are interested may be carrying out PhDs, conducting evaluations, or established researchers.

The group meets regularly, holding a two-part seminar which includes a 'reading room' where we come together to explore and make sense of an academic texts and a presentation of current research.

Chart showing how the Solent University Realist Research Group works

Want to know more? This webinar with Justin Jagosh, Kev Harris and Henry Dorling explores five burning questions about realist evaluation.


Kevin Harris

Kev Harris
Course Leader

Henry Dorling, Senior Lecturer

Henry Dorling
Senior Lecturer

Chad Oatley, Associate Lecturer

Chad Oatley
Associate Lecturer


Official launch event

Friday 25 October 2019

We were delighted to have held the launch event of the Solent University Realist Research Group (SURRG). The launch event celebrated the work we have done so far around the culture for realist research, evaluation and practice at Solent - and with key partners - with the intention to build and raise our profile. There were a variety of engaging presentations throughout the morning which culminated in a round-table discussion and ended with lunch and networking.

Our events are open to everyone with an interest in realist research and/or evaluation. If you are new to the approach and interested, please come along!

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If you are interested in joining the group please contact for more information.

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