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There are three types of research degree you can study for at Solent University:

  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - via transfer from MPhil registration
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - direct

To gain an MPhil you must critically investigate and evaluate a topic, demonstrating an understanding of appropriate associated research methods. You will need to show originality in the application of knowledge and problem solving and also an understanding of how the boundaries of knowledge are advanced through research.

To gain a PhD, you are required to produce a body of work that contains a significant and original contribution to knowledge in your chosen subject area, which is sufficiently important to merit publication.

The majority of students wishing to gain a PhD qualification will do so via transfer from MPhil registration (option 2). To be permitted onto PhD direct registration (option 3), you will need to demonstrate adequately that you have substantial research skills at an appropriate level; such as another doctorate in a different area, a previous MPhil, or refereed publications in an area relevant to the topic.

Duration of study

Research degrees are available as full or part-time courses. You are advised to spend at least 35 hours and 17.5 hours on your study for full and part-time study respectively. The table below shows the minimum and maximum periods of registration for MPhil and PhD degrees.

MPhil registration:

  • Full-time maximum: 36 months
  • Full-time minimum: 18 months
  • Part-time maximum: 72 months
  • Part-time minimum: 36 months

PhD via transfer from MPhil or PhD direct registration:

  • Full-time maximum: 48 months
  • Full-time minimum: 24 months
  • Part-time maximum: 96 months
  • Part-time minimum: 48 months
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