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Solent University Graduate Selection 2019

8 July - 24 August 2019


11am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday
Access via Artisan Cafe off Guildhall Square

work - Solent University's graduate exhibition logo 

Image credit: Cat Luxton

It's that time of year again! Solent Showcase Gallery's annual selection of works from Solent University's School of Art, Design and Fashion is here.

The range of courses at Solent is broader than ever to respond to a rapidly changing world and a challenging workplace. This is the place to see emerging trends and future talent from over thirty students who are part of the fabric of the city’s cultural community.

The 2019 graduates are engaging with a wide range of issues that reflect how a new generation of artists feel about the world around them. From satirising social media, reflecting on the popular press through to work about protest, female inequality and climate change, these artists are making us aware of our place on this planet. Key themes of family, mental health and political engagement are familiar yet fresh and demonstrate a greater openness, a fluidity of gender and an effortless blurring of lines.

Exhibition branding designed by Cat Luxton

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