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Under Between

A project video mapping exhibition by Rencontres Audiovisuelles and composer Matt Salvage

1 May - 23 June 2018

Solent Showcase Gallery presents a new interactive exhibition: Under Between by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, an artist projection video mapping collective from the Lille Region, France. With sound design by musician and composer Matt Salvage. 

An emergent technology, projection video mapping is rapidly growing in popularity and Rencontres Audiovisuelles are at the forefront of this development. Now they are inviting Southampton to experience their new experimental creation as they bring projection mapping indoors, to the interior space of the Showcase Gallery. 

Rencontres Audiovisuelles are pushing the boundaries of the mapping medium to create an intimate immersive experience that is responsive to those who walk about the space. The use of a website: on a smartphone will enable the visitor to create the artwork - an amoebic ‘form’ appears on the gallery windows and then moves to the floor to explode into a myriad new creatures, all with different ‘attributes’. These creatures react and merge with others and with the viewer as they walk across the gallery floor - some will swarm and flock over and around objects and people, others will hide under speakers until it is quiet and then populate the gallery floor once again.  

Matt Salvage has created a sympathetic soundscape that also responds to interaction. Sounds collected from the UK and Lille, France, as well as online are designed to create an ambient soundscape.

We invite visitors to interact with the work and feedback their views on this experimental artwork that is still in development. We will host some special evening events to make the most of darker hours to experiment with these intriguing creatures some more.

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