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Adam Allori

BA (Hons) Illustration
Graduated 2017

How did Solent prepare you for your career?

The course prepared me by giving me a very diverse portfolio that meant I was able to confidently apply for positions I hadn't considered before starting university. I was pushed to try things such as bookmaking and website design, as well as taking on responsibilities such as organising gallery shows and fundraising. This meant that when I left the course, I wasn't pigeonholed as someone who just made images with type.

This course is for you if you love image making and really want to develop and explore methods of making those images. If you’re dedicated to making images that communicate then you'll find all the resources you need to say whatever you want in the studio.

- Adam Allori

What advice would you give to future illustration students?

Say yes to whatever you can handle; you never know who may see your work or who you might get into conversation with unless you get out there whenever you can. And when there's nothing to say yes to, make the work you wish someone else would tell you to make, and put it out there all the same.

What's next for you?

I'm just about to start work as a junior designer for King's Road Publishing, a part of Bonnier Publishing. I will mainly be assisting the senior designer in tasks such as cover layouts, page design and reformatting issues for re-prints. I am also working part-time, trying to get a foot into editorial illustration, focusing mostly on film and music.