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Aarti Ratna

Dr Aarti Ratna PhD

Associate Professor

School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

023 8201 6252 ext. 6252 Room no. RM212a


Having already started a lecturing post at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006, Aarti completed her doctorate in 2008 at the University of Brighton.  After 12 years of working in Leeds, she commenced a new post at Solent University in April 2019. 

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Aarti was a racial equality tutor and consultant at the English Football Association (2005-8). She has also been a research consultant at other organisations including Sporting Equals, Leeds United Football Club, the Middlesex County Football Association, St Lukes Care, the Anti-Social Behavioural Unit (Leeds), the London Sports Forum and Leeds City Council.
  2. Teaching experience

    Aarti has a long history of teaching on various leisure, culture and sport courses at Leeds Beckett University, as well as serving as a principal lecturer of learning and teaching for the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education.

    Aarti is currently supervising five PhD students in the areas of refugee and asylum studies; race, ethnicity and migration; transnational/postcolonial feminism; queer studies; and complex assemblages of power through the contexts of popular culture, leisure, sport, and everyday life.  She has seen one PhD student to completion (2010).   

  3. Research interests

    Aarti is a sociologist of race, ethnicity, migration, and diaspora studies. She is well-known for her transnational feminist and anti-racist approaches to the study of gender, national belonging, popular culture, sport, leisure and everyday life.
  4. Recent publications

    Follow the link below for a list of Aarti's publications.


    Ratna, A. and Samie, S.F. (Eds.) (2017) Sport, Race and Gender: The politics of ethnic ‘other’ girls and women, London: Routledge.

    Special issue

    Thangaraj, S., Burdsey, B., Ratna, A., and Rand, E. (2018) ‘Leisure Cultures and G/local Challenges to Nationalist Populist Politics’ Special Issue, Leisure Studies, DOI:

    Journal articles

    Thangaraj, S., Ratna, A., Burdsey, D. and Rand, E. (2018) ‘Racing National Populist Politics’, Leisure Studies, DOI:        

    Ratna, A. (2018) ‘Not just merely different: Travelling feminist theories, post-feminism, and the racialized politics of women of color’, Sociology of Sport Journal, Special Issue. DOI:

  5. Work in progress

    Aarti is currently working on a number of research council grants, completing a forthcoming journal article, monograph proposal, and delivering a number of invited talks.
  6. Awards

    Follow the link below to find out more about the awards Aarti has received.
    • University Unsung Hero, Nomination (2018)
    • Aurora Females in Leadership (2016)
    • 2016 HEA Senior Fellowship (2016)
    • Inspirational Teacher of the Year, Nomination (2016)
    • University Research Supervisor’s Training Certificate (2010)