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Carolyn Cummings-Osmond

Carolyn Cummings-Osmond

Course Leader

School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 2065 ext. 2065 Room no. JM219


Carolyn is the course leader of the BA English programme (combined honours: English and Creative Writing, English and Film, English and Magazine Journalism, English and Media, English and Public Relations and English and Screenwriting).

Prior to becoming course leader for English, she led the MA Media programme for seven years. Carolyn works closely with Devon Campbell-Hall (course leader of the single honours English degree) and the rest of the English team to ensure that the course runs smoothly. The University's English courses are consistently in the top ten English degrees in the country for student satisfaction the aim is to continue these successes in the future.

Carolyn's contribution to the teaching provision is as follows:

Level 4

  • CEM406 Cultural Fragments: Introduction to Literary Theory
  • CEM409 Writing with Power: Professional Practice in English

Level 5

  • CEM506 From the Salon to the Sewer: English Literature in the Eighteenth Century
  • CEM507 Children's Literature
  • I am also level 5 Tutor

Level 6

  • CEM606 Criminal Texts
  • CEM623 On the Road: An Introduction to the Travel Narrative
  • CMW313 Work Experience
  • CMW306 Dissertation

Taught courses