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Christopher Arran

Christopher Arran BA (Hons), MA

Course Leader

School of Art, Design and Fashion


Christopher has been creating illustrations for a wide variety of clients for many years now. He studied illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University, with the legendary children’s book illustrator Tony Ross as his tutor. After university, he moved to live and work in Munich, working exclusively in 3D for clients such as Vogue, Rolling Stone, MTV, Swatch and Cosmopolitan.

Since returning from Germany and leaving the world of 3D illustration and animation behind, his portfolio now is a blend of paint and digital painting techniques, inspired by pop art, fashion illustration and the sunny positive Californian colour palettes of the 1970s and 1980s.

Christopher's current clients include: The Washington Post, Yves Saint Laurent, Elle, United Nations and Penguin Books.

Christopher is represented by Snyder Illustration Agency New York.

Taught courses